The climate in certain areas might be dry, humid and hot for the most part of the year. Summer months are unusually too hot to handle. It is the kind of heat that stands in the way of outdoor enthusiasts to hang out in the open areas whether it be day or night. Makes you wish you had a really cool modern ceiling fan to use outdoors. However, there are some alternative options where you do not necessarily require an A/C attached to any ceiling, which is a problem we often face when outdoors. You can visitĀ Modern Fan – Ceiling Fans for more info.

Some people would even go as far as to say that the rising temperatures we face are due to global warming.

Regardless of the reason, one thing we all tend to agree on is that cool air in any form would be most welcome during hot summers.

Without a doubt, no one wants to be drenched in their own pools of sweat every time they venture outside. Having said that, to sweat is our body’s way of cooling itself down during an excess heat. But, who wants to sweat excessively?

Nowadays, all kinds of outdoor activities become increasingly more comfortable to experience through making use of what they term as misting cooling systems.

Many think of it as an ordinary cooling systems that is equipped with some blades and a motor. But, there is more to it as it consists of a container that stores pressurized water you can spray out of a nozzle.

You will find fine water particles being splashed out and then dispersed into the air to vanish quickly and bring down the temperature quite rapidly. These are the kind of fans seen as ideal to handle humid and hot climates.

One thing is for sure, they are extraordinarily suitable for outdoor use. Especially to those who adore their yard or patio. If you are someone who regularly watches sports matches, then the odds are high that you may have noticed some vast and unusual sized aluminum encased round fans that can just fly out of the water.

If you have seen one of these, then you’ll know what a misty air conditioner is. But, you want something for personal use, in which case the portable ones will do just fine.

Did you know that you do not even have to buy these air conditioners as one can just hire them from companies who rent out cooling devices?

As you can see you do not have to spend your summer sweating around the patio. When you are indoors, you just have to switch on your ceiling fan to achieve the same effect, if not better. Maybe this is why some of your friends will rather lounge inside to admire your choice of cooling fans when they feel like a change.

But, fans of baseball and football, who attend an open-air sports event on a hot summer day, would no doubt appreciate the cooling effects of the portable misting fan.

Luckily, numerous manufacturers ensured their air conditioner for outdoor use is cost-effective for homeowners.

If you are thinking of buying or hiring one of the latest models, thenĀ  you should pay attention to some of the following useful points to make the most of your misting fan:

  • To start, you need to decide if you want a low or tall cooling HVAC for which you can choose either a table fan or stand-fan.
  • Secondly, you may opt for an open-air misting HVAC to cool off a dedicated area that will not exceed more than a 100 square feet.
  • What about getting yourself a compact portable HVAC as it is the type of misting fan suited to a smaller area where you can enjoy your privacy in a more cooling section of your backyard. On this note, you can purchase huge fans that are equipped with wheels.
  • Then, you are spoilt for choice as you can make your selection between dual and singular ventilators, which also apply to indoor ceiling fans. Some of these produce a much better cooling effect.
  • Certain outdoor fans have better tanks or coolers. It all depends on your needs, and whether you mind obtaining the more expansive tanks of just those, you can hook up to your current water supply. The size you pick would depend on how big your patio is.