Portable generators are incredibly useful for supplying a power sources when one is not readily available, like camping or if your power goes out from a storm. If the latter homes, you’ll want to look for home backup generators. Usually, portable generators are powered by standard automotive gasoline, diesel or natural gas. There are basically four factors that one should consider before buying any generator, including portable camping ones.

One, wattage. Wattage determines exactly what you can run off your portable generator. Usually the power draw is given in watts or in amps. If it`s given in amps use this formula (Watts = Volts x Amps) to determine your wattage. Then add up what you’ll be running off your portable generator. Lights are about 75 watts each; TVs are about 450 watts. That determines how powerful of a generator you need to buy.

Two, Noise. Generators are not always quiet. If you’ll be using this machine often and in a tent or RV camping capacity, the quieter the better. Why ruin the serene environment Usually the noise generated will range from about 55 decibels to 85 decibels. Just for a point of reference, your vacuum runs at about 70 decibels and a busy city street is about 80-90 decibels. Quiet generators are a major plus when you’re looking to buy, am I right

Three, Size. There`s no two ways about it. Size matters. If you’re going to be schlepping a generator around, you want it small and light. If it`s going to live at your cabin for less than roughing it weekends, then it can be huge. So, if you want something to be more portable, look for something light, compact and preferably on wheels.

Four, Starter. There are two methods for getting most generators started. A recoil start, or pull start, which functions identically to your lawn mower or an electric start, usually a push button or a switch.

So once you know what you’re looking for, you can move on to finding it. There are many quality manufacturers of portable camping generators, so be sure to research all the brands and you’ll find the toughest and most reliable generator for your price. Look on eBay for the smallest and cheapest generators and parts for sale.

Best Portable Generator You can Buy

  • Lightweight, Compact Size, Weighs 44lbs (20Kg)
  • Runs Lights, Coffee Makers or Small Tools at Campsite, Cabin, or Job Site
  • Attached Rubber Feet Reduce Vibrations and Crawling
  • Circuit Breaker Protects Generator and Equipment From Overload
  • 2 Stroke Air-Cooled, Single Cylinder Engine



  • Lightweight, Compact Size, Weighs 44lbs (20Kg)
  • Runs Lights, Coffee Makers or Small Tools at Campsite, Cabin, or Job Site
  • Attached Rubber Feet Reduce Vibrations and Crawling
  • Circuit Breaker Protects Generator and Equipment From Overload
  • 2 Stroke Air-Cooled, Single Cylinder Engine
  • 1.2 Gallon (4.5 Liters) Tank Capacity
  • Runs 8.5 Hours at 1/2 Load on 1.2 Gallons of Fuel
  • Delivers 1000 Watts Surge, 850 Watts Continuous
  • Integrated 12V, 15 Peak AMP DC, Trickle Charge, Battery Charger Complete with Cables, 12V DC Output
  • Rated Voltage: 115V, 60 Hz, 6.5 AMP
  • Noise Level Less Than 68 Decibels

Generators Categories

Gas Generators

Gas generators run on common gasoline, and they are the most popular of all the electric generators on the market, especially when you’re talking about small, quiet compact portable generators. Gas generators are easy, because they function much like your lawn mower, and everyone has a gas can in their garage, right

Gas is easy to get a hold of, and it`s easy to transport, making gas generators more portable than their diesel and propane kin. You can find gas generators, parts and accessories for sale on eBay. Save some money by choosing to buy a used gas generator so you can afford the gas to run it.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators are great for portable and camping needs. The diesel advantages, as opposed to natural gas or automotive gasoline, are that diesel is less flammable a fuel source than the others. It has up to 24 month shelf life, so you need to keep that in mind when you’re shopping for diesel generators.

You’ll find the best selection of diesel generators for sale at eBay. They have generators that range from quiet and small to huge and noisy. So you’ll want the quiet ones, I think. Make sure to read the tank capacity.

Electric Generators

Portable electric generators are awesome, and they can now come as large or small portable generators that you can take them virtually anywhere! Take an electric generator to the lake fishing, so you can watch the football or basketball game! Take your generator camping to run an electric griddle and not have to heat up the grounds with a fire in the mornings!

Electric generators usually run on propane, natural gas or automotive gasoline. You can find any number of different portable camping electric generators for sale on eBay. You’ll get the best deal and greatest array of used and new electric generators online at eBay! Need to take some towels a long on your trip but don’t have much space.

Best Portable Generators Brands


Coleman makes fine outdoor equipment in the heart of the US, Aurora, Illinois. One of the finest portable camping generators on the market is made by Coleman, the Coleman Powermate generator is both small and quiet, tough and durable.

Look for the greatest selection of Coleman generators and parts on sale on eBay. You’ll find everything you need to make your camping life a little easier for sale on eBay with Coleman generators and accessories.


Yamaha makes some of the best generators overall. Yamaha generators have a leg up on other generator manufacturers because of a technology called Yamaha Boost Technology, which adds power when you most need it. It utilizes an internal 12-volt battery to add more power whenever compensation is necessary. Many Yamaha generators have Noise Block, which lessens noise and supplies quiet operation.

Look for Yamaha portable camping generators on sale on eBay. You’ll find the quietest generators in the industry for sale at the best prices. You’ll also find all of the generator accessories and parts that you could need for your RV and tent camping weekends!


Kipor generators are high-quality and environmentally conscious. Kipor makes highly portable, compact and reliable camping generators that can output great quantities of power. In Kipor generators, the alternator is mounted directly to the engine and the traditional generator head is extraneous, so it`s 50% smaller and lighter than most other conventional generators. If you’re looking for a quiet, small electric generator, then Kipor generators are the answer. Look on eBay for thousands of Kipor generators, accessories and parts.

How Portable Generators Work

Gas generators can either power a house, or act as an emergency standby generator when the power goes out in your area. These gas generators uses gas as a fuel source to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. There are 5 main generator parts which makes a generator work, these include the engine,alternator,generator fuel,voltage regulation and a battery charger. Without these components your generators would not be able to work.

As far how an AC generator (alternating current) and a DC generator (direct current) generator works. Basically, they both work the same. The coil of wire is moved through a electro magnetic field, and then the electricity in the wire is made to move which creates an electric current.

In AC generators the only difference is that the magnet is moving while the coil stays in place. In a DC generator the magnet is fixed while the coils move to move the electrical current.

While this is a simplified basic version, this is how do generators work.